Peggy Seeger - Song of choice (Anti-fascist song) by Robin Hood - 1 week ago


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This is fucking sick people, reactionary fascist forces are gathering strength openly, haven't we learnt from history!? The existence of racism is bad enugh but now they have murdered one of our comrades and injured nineteen, this is a sad day when we should mourn our fallen comrade Heather Heyer and hope that our other comrades injured in the attack will recover and be able to keep on fighting against hatred and oppression.

It is high time we wake up and see the threat that fascism poses to all that is equal, free and beutyfull in this world. And it is time to we make our goal clear, fascism shall not pass. Hatred and racism should not be allowed in the 21st-century, and we should ban fascists and nazis from organizing and put them under the same surveillence and punishments as we have on militant islamists as the two are just about the same thing but in different cultures.

Death to fascism! Freedom and equality to all people on earth! No pasaran!


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